Juan & Celia Waterman

Kingdom Harvest Ministries, Inc. was founded on September 14, 2011 by Juan and Celia Waterman.

Their heart’s desire is to please, trust and love God. They are devoted to seeing God's people set free from oppression and vexation of spirits; being made whole and advancing His Kingdom. 

From the very beginning of their life together, they knew that there was a call or purpose for their lives. But they did not know how, or what to do. Yet God had given Celia insight into the life He had for her and her family; while Juan was simply looking for fulfillment through the woman  that was destined to be his wife. All Juan knew was that he  did not want to have the same life as his family, so he prayed at a young age, for one who would love, care and understand him. He then met her, Celia, at the age of 19, but there was too many obstacle that were in their paths. But God!  

3 years later they united in Holy Matrimony on March 12, 1977.