Celia Waterman



There are many generational mantles and calls for which I am interceding; He alone is opening doors and selecting His vesssels. He is doing the work- for this and more, I thank you, Father now and forever!
Born and raised in the country of His choice , Colon, Republic of Panama, on his appointed date, month and year- and most of all- in the family of His choice to work out His soverignly chosen, good and not evil thoughts, for my life, and those who share and will share this life with me. 
Daily, I am walking in His expected end for His breath in me, and that of the man I met in my late teens and eventually married, the relatives I inheirted, the calls and mantles being redeemed, the wars, the struggles, battles fought, and still to be fought... until His expected end, hope and future in Jesus name, amen!
I am enduring, outlasting and overcoming day by day and growing in faith, hope and love to His glory. And lastly, but certainly not least, I am fulfilling His divine assignment with and for the children He saw fit to brring into this earth and into our lives to give and bring Him, and He alone- all the glory due to His name. 

I am, by His grace, what I am today! You can, too!